Target the targets

Post – Wimbledon is a time for players to address the ‘targets’ that have been set earlier in the year and check that they are on track. Many professionals, as they approach the next Grand Slam (US Open), panic if their ‘targets’ have not been achieved and tend to change them to a more immediate one to try and realize their goals ….. good idea ?

A very good player will assess their yearly ‘target’ and focus on the long term achieve ! It may compromise their immediate goals but will keep them on track to the initial ‘targets’ and reaching that goal will progress their ‘dreams’, development and life.

Staying strong to their plan and working hard to catch up to where the player feels they need to be should remain the focus. This applies to the aspiring professional even more so ….. set the ‘target’ and then target the targets.

Some examples of common ‘targets’ are – ranking, hitting levels, fitness, match play, stronger mental preparation, work ethic and whilst these are fine – I feel the better ones revolve around the areas of professionalism, discipline, courage, detail on and off the court, playing to character ….. all these develop the person and allow the best player you can be to come out.


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