B the future

Backhand is emerging as the next ‘go to’ surge in global tennis!

As we continue to be impacted by lockdowns and tournament reduction players, especially our youth, have been able to spend a little more development time on adjusting technique and global coaching has had more time to refine the hitting.

2021 has showcased this result through the weight of numbers of young professionals going deep into major championships and elite events, as evidenced during the recent US Open. Backhands have had a common denominator with this movement where single handed shots are more noticeable from all this youth and speed velocity being increased on the two-hander.

Why/how … evolution always plays a role along with the coaching fraternity looking at how it links. Players adding to their variety ie more slice (maybe Ash Barty has had a ‘backhanded’ influence here) continental grips are being used correctly … thus as players switch to their two-hander the wrist position makes for a stronger impact and at the same time, due to the full grip change, are lifting the racquet face (using other hand more) thus creating a circular backswing as opposed to the drawback … this in turn creates a faster swing speed and a bonus of (depending on footwork) not being able to read the direction.

Backhand long regarded as technically secure and reliable has just added a new dimension to baseline attack and we look forward to where this leads as a spectacle for those of us that teach, play and watch this great game.

On a personal note congratulations to our Tournament Performance member Nishant – singles winner ITF G2 Cairo and Kooyong Tennis members Grace, Ellie, Amy, Olivia, Enzo, Cooper, Alex, Ben securing scholarships in US Colleges last month. See you all on your return in 2022.

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