Tournament Performance

Vintage Tennis has established world class Tournament Performance Programs, specifically designed for tournament players (14 years + and 19 years +) with desire and passion, aspiring to maximize their potential, leading to ITF  College and Pro Tour events

This world class program provides the opportunity to secure the components required to heighten personal performance on the tournament stage, thus take their game to world best standards. Furthermore leading through to a Post Junior Foundation Program in readiness for the Pro Tours.

Many of the world’s leading players have come through a similar system incorporating ‘peer progress’ and  carry with them a sense of pride and community – two vital ingredients to professional success.

Based on the progressiveness and individuality of players, successful programs around the world allow the athlete to express their character and build a ‘game’ around the inner person.


    Control                Movement               Pace & Place             Train the brain

Racquet work                Efficiency                    Power                         Read / Understand Consistencies                  Balance                    Placement                          the game

The four structural components, delivered in two 2 x hour workshops, are progressively linked resulting in an encompassing ‘all court’ global game 

Each session will incorporate all strokes and the variety required; mental preparedness; encouragement to be creative, unique and courageous; all with the discipline to execute and sustain high performance levels.


  • Goal setting
  • Diary – time management |scheduling | knowledge recordUS College plan
  • Nutrition and diet information
  • Strength and conditioning | Agility and flexibility programs
  • Psychological guidance
  • Components of play – matching character, physicality, courage and discipline
  • Tournament support

Vintage Tennis holistic approach engages families and private coaches, complementing the athletes pathway. Further details of structure/process can be forwarded by contacting  Doug Hill

current:  Vintage Tennis clients; Kooyong International Tennis Academy; 

 Kim Clijsters because every detail makes a difference

“The higher the level of tennis gets, the less it comes down to just technical skills, and from that moment physical and mental power will determine more and more your ultimate performance level.”