Tournament Performance – Tours / Support

Vintage Tennis has established a world class Tournament Performance Program for Junior and Post Junior players (14 years + and 19 years +) in Australia. The program complements the player’s private coach and heightens personal performance on the tournament stage.

On tour | Adelaide 2012

On tour | Adelaide

Based on the progressiveness and individuality of players, this innovative approach and philosophy allows the athlete to express their character and build a game around the inner person.

Duty of care tours &/or tournament support

Features include on-site education and harnessing skills to capitalise on the experience of playing tennis in a variety of environments and circumstances.


Applying pressure to create an error and/or set up a winning sequence.

The principle of moving inside the baseline to take advantage of opportunities created, thus taking time away from opponent ….. discipline to do it again and again.


Combined with modern movement, players formulate this  play, creating opportunities to win each point  and building a professional foundation.

Includes Benefits:

Tournaments in a different environment, delivers multiple benefits across a broad range of areas.

  • Playing new opposition, focus on own performance / game plan
  • Different environment to raise awareness of conditions and improve concentration
  • Respect for opponent | utilising different styles to engage
  • Maintaining freshness from start to finish
  • Managing long days and executing body readiness
  • Intensity of discipline, game plan and pressure to secure opportunities
  • Identification of player’s character and distinguishing method of play
  • Learning that it is not how a player hits, but how they play and allowing the skill of hitting to emerge in the process
  • Confidence in social and tennis communities
  • Preparation for play; both physically and mentally
  • Analysing and recording results and learning from each match experience
  • Identifying technique breakdown to address in future training prior to next tournament
  • Sport science education: nutrition / diet / hydration, strength and conditioning, stretching (warm up and down), psychology and goal setting
  • Fun and support for and with one another
  • Motivation
  • Responsibility and pride
  • Desire to do it the next day – and do it better (love of the game)


* current contracts benefiting from this world class program include:
Kooyong International Tennis Academy
Vintage Tennis private clients
               Tennis Victoria Player Development incl RAS
Big future - Far horizons

Big future – Far horizons | Adelaide tour

“The higher the level of tennis gets, the less it comes down to just technical skills, and from that moment physical and mental power will determine more and more your ultimate performance level”.   Kim Clijsters