Pro Tennis … earning a living

International tennis may be at a standstill during this global covid time … but lets consider Pro Tennis in our domestic/regional zones … so players can earn a living !!

In Australia and other countries professional sports are gearing up with a new look and distancing protocols in place. Organizing their national competitions to be in a controlled/contained environment with any outbreak identified/recognized and action being immediate.

Governments and sporting bodies understand the popularity and multiple benefits that sport plays in our society and the understanding that players need to earn a living and the economics of business.

Tennis is another of these sports where players ranked below 200 in the world are finding finances tough … so is it possible for the world bodies to set in place professional tournaments in an environment similar to these other sports that can get Pro Tennis underway within a country’s borders.

Each nation could conduct tournaments varying up to $250,000 subsidized by TV rights and sponsors plus funds raised by the ITF, ATP, WTA and the Grand Slam Development Fund. Players will compete for prize money but due to the imbalance of the possible number of tournaments from country to country no ranking points can be allocated.

Experience tells me that when tennis turned professional the tour was small and International travel expensive, so most of the events played by those wishing to pursue a tennis career found themselves playing domestic tournaments all around the countryside from Ipswich to Inverell, West Wyalong to Wagga Wagga, Newcastle to Narrandara, Geelong to Grenfell … good prize money, good tennis, good country hospitality.

Yes is the answer … Pro Tennis is possible … let the players earn a living and keep the game flowing until the game can go global again.

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