Vintage Tennis is proud of the interaction with players, families, coaches and the tennis industry. We thank you all for your feedback; some of which is shared below.

Hi Doug … I just wanted to say a huge thank you for all you’ve done for Eloise and Jessica over the many years you’ve coached them. You go well above and beyond your coaching role and for that we are very grateful. Both girls have learnt so much from you, not only about tennis, but about people and life in general. You’ve really skilled them for a great future in whatever path they follow. See you again soon.With best wishes for Xmas
Helen, George and family

                                                             Warrnambool – December 2018

“Doug, Andrew and I can’t thank you enough for all you have done for Ali, not just for tennis. She remains eager to continue playing tennis in one form or another. She has developed skills and a life long love of the game that will enable her to mix with communities no matter where life takes her. Thank you again.”

~ Suzi – October 2018

“We would like to thank you for all the ‘wisdom’ and time you have shared with Jeremy over the years. It is because of people like you, that take the time to mentor young country/rural players, that they too can make their dreams come true. Forever grateful.”

                                                      ~ Heather – Terang, Vic, December 2017 

 “Thanks Doug for pushing him to emerge as a champion only a    coach like you can help him convert the bitter pain of sacrifice      into the sweet taste of victory thanks again”

                                                                                           ~ Naveen Dabas – Delhi. July 2017 

“Doug has over 35 years in the world of professional tennis and has extensive knowledge and background in psychology in sport. He has a theme and he expands on that each term – mind over matter, speeding up your development, score pressure, mental and thought messages … the list goes on. What I love about Doug and how he presents, it is very relaxed, easy to understand and remember to take away with you.”

                                                                                               ~ Louise Tarrant – SAS, March 2017

“Kooyong Tennis Academy … I just wanted to let you know we are thrilled with Doug Hill as a coach and coordinator of the Wednesday night squad.  He also privately coaches Bridgette and we are thrilled by the results he’s had with her so far.  He’s positive attitude is fabulous and has Bridgette enjoying the game so much more in fact that she’s given away a couple of other sports to focus on her tennis more.

Thank you so much for having such a fantastic coach like Doug on your team.”

                                                                                                                   ~ Natalie,  February 2016

“Thank you for the session with Tom yesterday. He loved it and I enjoyed a full briefing in the car and over dinner. Tom felt he was hitting the ball so sweetly that you “must have gone to the Hogwarts school of tennis coaching” because you “are a wizard”. That’s quite a compliment!

Thanks again and Tom will see you on Sunday.”

~ Marg,  November 2014

“Also, just wanted to let you know that I had a call from Wayne today, father of David, Justin and Damien. He called to let me know that his boys really enjoyed the Gippsland session over the weekend, and that he was very impressed with the way you delivered the session, and your knowledge etc.

Well done! Always nice to get some positive feedback!“

~ Tennis Victoria,   March 2014

Team Challenge – “Once again thank you for all your encouragement over the weekend, the kids really enjoyed & appreciated your help, words, & presence, so did I. I do not recall anyone in our 6 years of tennis ever, spending or paying any attention to our kids.”

                        ~ Maree, June 2014 

“I want to thank you once again for the great year Tim has experienced with the sports academy.  As a parent, it has been wonderful to see his confidence in his tennis and himself grow through your mentoring and expertise.  I’m sure you and Tim could sit down and talk sport for hours on end.  Tim raves about you to his tennis team mates and they have all noticed a difference in his tennis.  It has been lovely to see him play tennis with passion once again – and really look forward to the fortnightly training sessions. Thank you.”

~  Jodie, December 2013

“Thanks for the report.  It includes a beautifully succinct and accurate observation/s. Your method of leading has opened Tom’s eyes to not just tennis, but what he can achieve with some planning, conviction and the right positive attitude.

Although he has been in the program this year, I’ve learned a lot listening to you and the way you communicate and I would like to thank you for providing me as a parent with an opportunity to benefit.”  

~  Marg, December 2013

“In the days when Ksenija did not win her matches, she always seemed to be upset or unhappy, so even in the latter hours of the day she was not communicating with us or anyone. We have never experienced, that following a match she did not win that she would be happy after two hours already, as was the case today after the match of this tournament. We believe that it is caused by the talk that you had with Ksenija. We hope that it is a great win that she won over herself.

Once more we thank you on the fact that you wish to help Ksenija and also wish you a nice Sunday evening with your whole family.  Wishing you a Happy Easter.”    

~ Vesna and Zoran, April 2012