the sum of all parts

to be the best it is more than whole of game … it is whole of life

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B the future

Backhand is emerging as the next ‘go to’ surge in global tennis!

As we continue to be impacted by lockdowns and tournament reduction players, especially our youth, have been able to spend a little more development time on adjusting technique and global coaching has had more time to refine the hitting.

2021 has showcased this result through the weight of numbers of young professionals going deep into major championships and elite events, as evidenced during the recent US Open. Backhands have had a common denominator with this movement where single handed shots are more noticeable from all this youth and speed velocity being increased on the two-hander.

Why/how … evolution always plays a role along with the coaching fraternity looking at how it links. Players adding to their variety ie more slice (maybe Ash Barty has had a ‘backhanded’ influence here) continental grips are being used correctly … thus as players switch to their two-hander the wrist position makes for a stronger impact and at the same time, due to the full grip change, are lifting the racquet face (using other hand more) thus creating a circular backswing as opposed to the drawback … this in turn creates a faster swing speed and a bonus of (depending on footwork) not being able to read the direction.

Backhand long regarded as technically secure and reliable has just added a new dimension to baseline attack and we look forward to where this leads as a spectacle for those of us that teach, play and watch this great game.

On a personal note congratulations to our Tournament Performance member Nishant – singles winner ITF G2 Cairo and Kooyong Tennis members Grace, Ellie, Amy, Olivia, Enzo, Cooper, Alex, Ben securing scholarships in US Colleges last month. See you all on your return in 2022.

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Emerging Tennis

January 31st … players descending onto Melbourne Park for an unprecedented 4 x tournaments at the same time at the same venue. This carnival of the worlds best tennis players, one week out from the Australian Open, coming from practice courts in suburban courts, coming from hotel bubbles, coming from hotel quarantine, coming to play in front of spectators and others in other parts of the world ‘coming of age’.

Vintage Tennis congratulates Nishant Dabas, Performance ‘Foundation’ member, for his outstanding run of ITF World Tennis Tour Junior play in New Delhi … winning back to back Doubles titles and reaching the Final in the two events, making it 3 x finals in a row over the past month … which included the National 18yrs Championships.

As he and our great group at the Kooyong Tennis Academy witness AO – Melbourne Park and allow themselves to dream of what can be the High Performance Team can’t wait for 2021 to get underway and pray/hope for a less disrupted year and for all be good, be safe.

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Our Team

Vintage Tennis Performance Foundation member Nishant Dabas, like all of our players, have kept the faith during 2020 and continued to be ready to play when the time came.

This week Nishant attended a camp in New Delhi, supervised by India’s Davis Cup/National Coach Zeeshan Ali, for all of India’s top ITF juniors. This was followed by an Invitational 18yrs National Championship, with Nishant winning the tournament only one month after his 17th birthday … congratulations from all of us !

Nishant has two ITF tournaments in Delhi during January to consolidate his success from this week. His training partners here at Kooyong Tennis Academy, Melbourne look forward to his return later this year as they missed him last year due to the virus. Nishant has been a member of our elite group since he was 11 years old.

Nishant far right
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Missing In Action … at the time of writing Melbourne (Australia’s home of tennis) has been in lock-down for the second time since March. Tennis Australia has cancelled all AR tournaments for 2020 and the Australian Open looks like going ahead, maybe without crowds.

Melbourne/Victoria has the greatest number of tennis participants and hosts Australia’s largest tennis competitions – Pennant (cancelled) and Country Week (cancelled), countless community competitions, coaching operations and social games all missing from the landscape.

Tennis lovers, I feel, will still have the motivation to get out on the court as we come out of lock-down but the plans, dreams, goals that players, especially those on a path to junior success and pro tennis will have to install a new direction and the determination to turn around M I A into Attention In Mental approach by way of the broader picture of life and history that teaches us to “adapt and overcome” when things change.

We will be working with our players to not just get back to where they were but to work to achieve the goals and level of development that needs to be in place for 2021 and 2022 to adjust that thinking and continue to look forward and overcome any obstacles.

By mentally taking this direction and with the commitment of their coaches those plans, dreams, goals and feelings will clear the hurdles that have been encountered during this period and balance life to that happy place that our sport gives us.

Tennis 2 U
Tennis 2 U

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Pro Tennis … earning a living

International tennis may be at a standstill during this global covid time … but lets consider Pro Tennis in our domestic/regional zones … so players can earn a living !!

In Australia and other countries professional sports are gearing up with a new look and distancing protocols in place. Organizing their national competitions to be in a controlled/contained environment with any outbreak identified/recognized and action being immediate.

Governments and sporting bodies understand the popularity and multiple benefits that sport plays in our society and the understanding that players need to earn a living and the economics of business.

Tennis is another of these sports where players ranked below 200 in the world are finding finances tough … so is it possible for the world bodies to set in place professional tournaments in an environment similar to these other sports that can get Pro Tennis underway within a country’s borders.

Each nation could conduct tournaments varying up to $250,000 subsidized by TV rights and sponsors plus funds raised by the ITF, ATP, WTA and the Grand Slam Development Fund. Players will compete for prize money but due to the imbalance of the possible number of tournaments from country to country no ranking points can be allocated.

Experience tells me that when tennis turned professional the tour was small and International travel expensive, so most of the events played by those wishing to pursue a tennis career found themselves playing domestic tournaments all around the countryside from Ipswich to Inverell, West Wyalong to Wagga Wagga, Newcastle to Narrandara, Geelong to Grenfell … good prize money, good tennis, good country hospitality.

Yes is the answer … Pro Tennis is possible … let the players earn a living and keep the game flowing until the game can go global again.

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Routine takes discipline

As sports people we are use to routines and schedules and we find it quite easy to go about our preparation to perform, develop, improve and it becomes second nature … however, during this time of restrictions nothing is second nature or normal as we confine ourselves all to benefit our communities.

In Australia, after our summer of tennis, players went about training with a plan and routine/schedule in readiness for the next tournament block – around the Easter break. Then courts were closed, tournaments cancelled, training ceased … what to do with no date of return … coaches advising these high performers to work on fitness and do what they can in what space is available to up-keep their skills … which is good.

But it’s tournament time and this is where this new routine requires discipline … simulate match play components starting with competitiveness – everything you do, compete – play station (can’t believe I said that) or board games or time/count your activity; movementagility , flexibility, reflex, speed, endurance – simulate all (fast & slow) – sock soccer, paddlepop sprints, throw a afl or rugby ball against a wall and pickup clean ; touch/hitting spotsbrick on a wall, hit a pair of rolled up socks into a bin, shadow swings, take your racquet when you go for a run (restrictions on exercise time) and count number of bounces (use both arms), play darts; brainstimulate ideas to simulate play.

Wishing you all well in your tournament/competition block and I know this will require out of the ordinary discipline but we are in extraordinary times. If you want, please send videos through to our new #tennistag #yourit (a platform started by us to share our isolated moments and keep in touch with our tennis community)

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Finally back to writing … so much to say … so much going on in our world environment.

During these events of history and the emotional roller coaster we experience, Vintage Tennis, staying in touch with our players, has via social media started #tennistag. A means of staying connected instantaneously even during times of physical distancing.

Come and join our tag and say your it (turn) and join the journey that we are all on together.

Formal Tennis

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Take your chances

Since the Australian Open and now leading into the French Open many changes have happened in the structure of World Tennis. The changes are necessary (multiple global reasons) and in time the feedback and research/results will develop these to truly reflect our professional game and like all other sports if you are worthy to play at an elite level … it will happen.

Tennis has a number of tiers or tours as the pathway (ladder) to play at the highest level you can and as during a match if you take those chances/opportunities to display your skills with a preparedness to be bold and the courage to back yourself the reward will result in your desired outcome.

That preparedness comes from seeking the chance to receive great training, to acquire an understanding of fitness/diet/mental strength, develop the chance to ‘put your best foot forward’ when that chance comes and to take it … as nothing in this world is given.

Your chance to succeed will require boldness and courage to trust all the hard work and countless thoughts on your game and style that you have put in to be ready to grab that dream and give it a damn good shake.

After over 40 years in professional tennis, both on and off the court, you witness triumph and disaster (ref. Rudyard Kipling poem ‘If’), and as much as you want something if you are not willing or able to do everything you can to take that chance … you may not get another.

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