Nicole Bacon

Nicole – White City 2002

Vintage denotes the meaning high quality’  

Vintage Tennis – formerly Hills Tennis Play, derived its name from its refreshed origin, the wine region of Mudgee, Central Tablelands, NSW  in 2003.

As a wine vintage strives to be better each year, likewise, Director Doug Hill updates, creates and innovates to deliver ….. tomorrows tennis today.

It is a business that looks at the holistic environment of the game of tennis. It links the services of playing the game at the highest level an enthusiast can conquer to the place where the players play with insight, energy and passion.

Doug Hill, for over four decades, has been engaged with thousands of players in hundreds of environments.

Claudia – Kooyong 2016

Experiencing, leading and collaborating all facets of the tennis industry, both on and off the court.

The professional services of Vintage Tennis culminate a philosophy of … yesterday + today = tomorrow

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Doug Hill