Coaching ….. adding to the ‘craft’

Professional Tennis Coaches around the globe seek to do things better … or at least should !

Taking the form of conferences, engaging with colleagues, self analyzing tournament play, online viewing/reading, player watch, Federation coach development workshops … personal improvement demanded by the coach will reflect on the players/students that they teach/mentor.

Whatever level the coaching is, it will have holistic consequences. Modern methods have had a recent focus to sports science with body use and athleticism a highlight. Understanding how these factors (nutrition, flexibility, strength, speed, endurance, recovery, psychology) influence the technique and play have changed how coaching is delivered and the subtle care with physiology and body protection, especially with the growth during the adolescent years.

As players approach a higher performance level the adding of style methodology and matching this to their character becomes vital to their pathway, enjoyment, passion, potential realization and sustained success.

With Wimbledon upon us our reflection to the beginnings of this magical game 136 years ago, its evolving to the greatest ‘one on one’ sport in the world and the contribution, as professional tennis coaches, we make to millions every day should be enough to keep … adding to our craft !

Bjorn Borg - Wimbledon



Bjorn Borg - Wimbledon

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