Expectations … as a professional tennis player discerning between real, practical, hope, dream, make for the planning of performing and life !

Expectations … take some of all of the above and mix them together to find the answer, as it requires all of you to achieve success and calling on all when training or playing is vital to sustain high levels on a consistent basis.

Expectations … is a very personal thing and is based on analysis of who you think you are and then the discipline to keep believing and courage to be honest with yourself at the same time motivating that dream.

Expectations … that you can’t do it all on your own, seek support and mentoring from people that understand and can guide (with you) the pathway and are aware of the bumpy bits along the way. This includes a vision of life and looking ahead – plan, target, strategy, outcome.

Expectations … persevere for the right reasons and love of what you are doing. Confidence comes from this, not compliments … look inside, but deep !

Expectations … you can, you will, you will again, and again …


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