Reality ‘hits’ players

Australia’s tennis ‘hangover’ of summer is coming to an end, with the last of the ‘Pro Tour’ tournaments about to commence and players looking at stints on the road – chasing their dreams.

Reality of the professional and those aspiring pro’s is that any success and momentum is now put to the test of day to day play, travel, play, train, travel, play. Some have lost financial assistance from Academy set ups, some suffer close losses that dents confidence, some regress back to former habits and drop back to lower tournaments to hang on to precious points and ranking.

Those players that have planned, have courage and vision, their reality is one of progress, one of faith and belief, one of knowing that their success can continue but does have ups and downs – this reality comes from within, with motivation, desire and real goals.

Reality is be professional, act professional, live professional – at Vintage Tennis we encourage all to pursue the ‘tennis’ reality in a sober and measured manner.

Australian tennis has a little resurgence going on, get real, get working, get thinking, get stuck in to your dreams !

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