Grand Slam Glory !

As I sit and watch a ‘fortress’ of past combat, get ready for the AAMI Classic, Kooyong transforms from an empty shell and you can hear the role of champions and picture the players dreams in pursuit of Grand Slam success.

Melbourne is putting on the ‘heat’ with players arriving, for what they hope is a long stay in Australia. Packing, unpacking, checking equipment, checking travel schedules, accomodation, arranging practice partners, ticking the checklist to ensure everything is ready to play their best.

Be it a warm up tournament in the middle east or one of the numerous events around Australia and New Zealand, players have in the back of their mind, what if, yes I can, all I have to do…. ok, just play and you never know?

During next week the Qualifying rounds for the Australian Open commence with an intensity only rivalled by a final of an event. Players young, on the way up, players coming back from injury or a form slump and players who are there abouts every year,hoping that maybe this year !

Whatever the situation or circumstances to these players to see their names on the large tournament draw board for all the world to see ….. this is their Grand Slam Glory !

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