R & R … R & R … R & R !

R & R stands for rest and relaxation. With tournaments done for the year (mostly), players look at their R & R’s.   In the world of the ‘good’ tennis pro it stands for readiness to go …

rest & recover … rest mentally and recover from a year of ups and downs, disappointments and highs, changes and goals.

review & renew … have there been improvements in skill and play, physically ‘up to it ?’, now is the time to adjust the training and prepare for ‘down under’

refresh & reset … the training court is a great place to regain confidence or take it further with the ‘reset’ button ready to push green.

The good pro’s allow themselves time to climatise and feel the way forward for the next Grand Slam and beyond, all with the bigger picture in mind but focussed on the immediate.

2012 … another big  and ‘golden’ year ahead.

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