Grass is ‘greener’ !

Professional Tennis is played on a variety of surfaces, adding to the immense athletic ability and technical skill set required, for this great game, by the players.

Good pro’s know to adjust and prepare for these changes and show the discipline to stick to their preparation, even in lead up tournaments. Recent ‘upset’ results indicate that the top players are looking at a unique period, where not just one major tournament is approaching  Wimbledon, but two on ‘grass’ at the same venue, the Olympics.

The All England Tennis and Croquet Club ground crew are preparing their immaculate grass courts to handle the dual events. With this in mind the grass has to be a little tougher and stronger – thus a little quicker than in past years. This situation, identified by professional players and coaches, understand the need to adjust / abbreviate  swing patterns; movements; balance; serve types and most importantly, more volleys and baseline time.

Volleys, world wide, are being looked at and a new method of execution being taught to up and coming players, through ‘rookie’ programs. Players copy and experiment for an edge, leading up to this, maybe once in a lifetime experience, Grand Slam / Grand Stage dual event in London 2012.

This all makes for an interesting and exciting tennis time ! Vintage Tennis, proponents of the ‘new’ volley, is looking forward to those pro’s that approach these unique circumstances  or those that just prepare as normal for a major event.

Players to succeed – look to Federer, Williams, Berdych, Kvitova, Tsonga, Wosniacki, Murray, and if she volleys Stosur ……. of course, not to mention the World’s No. 1 & 2.

The grass will be greener with the tennis richer and vintage – one to savior !


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