In and Out of the Blue

256 players headed in to the ‘blue‘ of the Australian Open 2015 this week with those prepared and in form their week continues and those out of sorts are either out or struggling and the players that hang in – is the message so far !

In, meaning in the right frame of mind, those that put in the hard work prior and in tune with their surrounds – out, meaning underestimating their opponent, out of tune with the environment of heightened ‘Slam’ in-tensity and out of timing with the faster court surface.

Out have gone a number of seeds (personally 16 too many in both draws) and a roll on of belief that this is the trend so the up and comers feel that they are in with a chance, thus proving to be the case.

As we continue through in to the second week the players that have put the right things in place will fight it out and those that have put in but not enough will be out and re-assessing ready for the rest of the year – guarantee they will put in the hard work or see the new year out before its due.

Also in, the ‘highlighter’ colour of the clothing, very flashy but I wonder how long before, behind the scenes, a little more ‘hi-vis’ green is added to the tennis balls to create a little more contrast between the two ! An interesting out-come to observe 🙂

Already this tournament and expected to continue throughout the year is the fine line between hitting the ball in and out as players press for the next development past power and that is ‘place’ – hawkeye, lines people and umpires are in for an in-tense time ahead – the out-come will be great tennis to witness.

Bring on the second week for the next chapter of in and out of the ‘blue’ !


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