Creativity for 2015

The rising of new players throughout 2014 and a different winner in all the Grand Slams (men & women) reflected in end of year top 8 Masters finals contenders shows an emergence of tennis at another level.

Players showing a development in weapons of power, placement, court speed, mental strength and belief have been the main difference.

This trend to continue in 2015 as the wheels of change inevitably roll on, however, with the focus looking at the success of the above and doing the current plays better we must look further and as the players take this post season review and develop the next stage of their game … what can be the point of difference in 2015 … creativity !

What is it ? It is clever, unexpected, instinctive, colourful, exciting, an expansion of the brain to outsmart your opponent. Long have we been debating the use of the volley and now with the application of new advanced movement the mid & front court becomes a playground for creativity, with the volley (3 x types) becoming more of a favourite and the element of surprise.

Add to this players thinking about new patterns to their play (ground shots & serves) and becoming less predictable, hitting the ball on the early rise more often and utilising the full dimensions of the court … place at pace … take time away … space advantage.

How do we get it … it’s variety … an all court game … the Australian way !

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