Tomorrows tennis starts today …

US Open Men’s final today is a David and Goliath physical event and by evidence of who they are, signals the start of tomorrows tennis … where are the usual combatants for these events … still great and maybe a small blimp in their dominance, but today’s mid-twenties players believe they are now beatable and that belief is all that is needed to start the evolution … again, as it has always been.

Fitness focused with ‘advanced movement’ and brain maturity young players and some others, a little more serious about things, are equal with their ‘top of the tree’ opponents psyche and are seeking their own greatness.

Players similarly in their late teens and early twenties see this change starting to occur and with the aid of good coaching consultants and mentors know that this could be their time also … learn the ‘big boys’ game and chase the current crop with a view to overtake !

I believe the next era will have multiple ‘slam’ winners and the ‘big 4’ eventually replaced by the ‘big 10’ … sooo looking forward to this and sooo looking forward to the resistance put up by the current champions.

The next four months will be fascinating to witness the setting of new goals and development of play leading into 2015 and the Australian Summer of Tennis. The men and also the women’s tours are going to send us scrambling for info on the new names in the game … hopefully quite a few Aussies among them.


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