Out and In of the ‘Blue’

Australian Open 2015 closes and the new year of professional tennis opens ! What comes ‘out’ of it and what goes ‘in’ to the year ahead ?

This past fortnight showed that although the young talent beacon is shining the glow of the ‘pro’ that has been around for a while, still lights the way !

Over 30 ‘Grand Slam’ titles were shared between the 4 x finalists and the levels of competitive battle were extremely high, showing that the transition of youth to the top has obstacles that are stubborn and showing a hunger for more.

In a tennis sense movement/balance was a big standout plus the evolving ‘players physicality’ (attitude) in not taking the foot off the pedal, whether in offense or defense and as mentioned in the last ‘post’ the ability/desire to hit the lines and the fine line in/out plays in the outcome.

The new year will see players improve the above and the willingness to get to the net and finish a point quicker will continue to develop. This brings new thinking and new movement along with a focus from all ‘pros’ to bring the ‘return of serve’ to the forefront of their training.

In to the reaches of tennis and the excitement all ages and tennis levels are experiencing flows through to the tennis coaches around Australia and all are fielding new enquiries and taking bookings – lets deliver a great job guys !

We are very privileged to host a Grand Slam and the opportunity to see the world’s best, as a tennis community and industry get a great deal ‘out’ of this and we must put it back ‘in’ !

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