Copy – or – Create

Australian Open concluded and much debate, analysis and view points taken away by tennis enthusiasts and experts. Around the world tennis coaches look at the successes and try to translate this to their students … thus the question … copy or create!

Vintage Tennis view is both … copy or create must be aligned to each individual and where they are in their tennis development journey, their assets, their character, their skill (talent) level and their ‘discipline’ barrier.

Copy the ingredients of balance & movement to turn defense into offence without reducing power and focus on placement – thus not allowing your opponent the luxury of easy attack (Djokovic, Azarenka) … create the opportunities by variety and pressure – thus not allowing your opponent to settle into any rhythm (Federer, Murray, Raonic) … take your opponent on by dictating when you can and making them play another shot – thus testing their patience and concentration/discipline (Kerber).

An holistic view is required as players review and refine … evolve and execute … plan and play; an interesting year ahead and the player and coach must run by the mantra of from courage comes confidence, so never is it either/or … it is all!

Program checklist (Img src: checklistCheck Plan Do Act



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