Get set ….. Dream !

Brace yourself ….. there’s a dream coming in and with the Australian Tennis Open about to hit and the Olympics brewing that dream comes often and loud !

On too many occasions outside influences tell us that we are not good enough or it’s too hard or it’s a long way off or it’s too late or wouldn’t you be better off doing something else ….. all but (as Elvis put it) ….. “follow that dream” ….. 

So what do we learn/experience/gain by having a dream to win ….. self satisfaction by the effort to achieve | the value of hard work | discipline counts | things worth having are earnt not given | the benefits of being better than before | that from courage comes confidence | making a difference in the peoples lives around you or that witness you | the love of it | the acknowledgement that you gave it your best | never giving up | most of all – making dreams come true !

The next time outside influences make comment … turn around and respond … “you need a dream to follow” … then get on with yours !

Hang on to your dreams ….. if in any doubt ….. bring them to us at Vintage Tennis 

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