Process & Structure

Process … Structure … the catch cry of modern coaches around the globe in all sports and the disciplines of a successful pathway.

However, what if it doesn’t gain the required success … is it broken ! Does it need fixing ! The answer is most often … No. So what is missing … is it not up to date … not innovative … not thorough … the answer again is … No.

What is missing is the addition of culture and character … the player/s have to be considered in the mix … the history of their game has to be in the mix … thus the ‘buy in’ to the style of play exhibited … and then a combination results in sustained success.

In Australia, success stems from our positive (some call it aggressive or attacking) approach to our sport … over the decades this has been the DNA in our success, along with our culture of never giving up and the will to win (so evident at this time of year and the legacy of our ‘diggers’) … combined with a character of larrikinism, fun, creativity, daring, bravery, courage and hard work.

Vintage Tennis passion for tennis and national success, where over the last month Australia has failed to make the World group in Davis Cup & Fed Cup plus our Junior Davis Cup and Junior Fed Cup teams have not qualified for the finals in September (16 Nations) being defeated by India in both events at the Asia/Oceania qualifying event, encourages all high performance deliverers to assess whether we have ‘buy in’ from the enormous talent pool in Australia and once more challenge the upper levels of our game … doing it the Aussie way !

Lets add to process with player gifts … add to structure with player style … and be mindful that the pathway is full of passion from the cultural background … lets take from yesterday add today and get tomorrow!

Rod Laver in Action 1956 001

Hoad Hopman Rosewall 1954White city world record Davis Cup 1954 FB Cover



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