Challenge yourself

As tennis professional coaches working with high performance junior players we are always asking them to challenge themselves … well what about us !

This is where we must also challenge the knowledge we are imparting … is it up to date … do we look forward to the tennis of the future … what does it look like … what will influence the hit, the move, the play … ? Change is one of the things that we are reluctant to do, but we can always learn and we can always re-create ourselves and the things we believe in … even if we come back to re-affirm what we already do !

With the evolution and changing face of this great game, we must also look at the generations that play and how their environment, social awareness and life is different from the past. Gen Y and millennial’s think differently to previous times and are often referred to as the ‘want it now’ group, making them driven and thirsty for success. This will certainly transfer into tennis of speed, power, variety and precision and our challenge is one of which components will this require … I feel all and more of what there is today.

So lets challenge ourselves and re-visit our methods and philosophy and continue to strive for our players and the dreams that they wish for.

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