% adds up

Modern sport deals with so many different areas and components to find the edge when it becomes time to perform at your best … and more often than not it is the little things that you do, that individually may mean nothing, but add them up and all of a sudden performance jumps – all through something called 1 %’s.

Here is a few for our tennis players:- make the last 5 minutes at training (on or off court) the best/hardest of the session | get it right before you leave the lesson/session | read your diary from the last performance the night before your next match | set regular targets on your components | ask yourself the question “why is this match important” | stick to your game style/play plan | count to 2 between 1st and 2nd serves | accept the conditions of play – it is what it is | chase one more ball | be ready to play one more shot to win the point.

Ten little things that has just added 10% to your performance eg 13% to your ground shot speed; 19% more on your serve; 10% less unforced errors thus 10% to your winners or forced plays; 10% more opportunities to go offence and 10% more asking your opponent to work harder.

Little things that are always added as you develop and enhance your Technical – Tactical – Physiological – Psychological and Sports Science components.

How many more can you add to your performance !



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