Take your chances

Since the Australian Open and now leading into the French Open many changes have happened in the structure of World Tennis. The changes are necessary (multiple global reasons) and in time the feedback and research/results will develop these to truly reflect our professional game and like all other sports if you are worthy to play at an elite level … it will happen.

Tennis has a number of tiers or tours as the pathway (ladder) to play at the highest level you can and as during a match if you take those chances/opportunities to display your skills with a preparedness to be bold and the courage to back yourself the reward will result in your desired outcome.

That preparedness comes from seeking the chance to receive great training, to acquire an understanding of fitness/diet/mental strength, develop the chance to ‘put your best foot forward’ when that chance comes and to take it … as nothing in this world is given.

Your chance to succeed will require boldness and courage to trust all the hard work and countless thoughts on your game and style that you have put in to be ready to grab that dream and give it a damn good shake.

After over 40 years in professional tennis, both on and off the court, you witness triumph and disaster (ref. Rudyard Kipling poem ‘If’), and as much as you want something if you are not willing or able to do everything you can to take that chance … you may not get another.

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