Responsibility of Every professional Sports Personality to Exercise Control of Temperament … why is this important ?

Firstly, as an athlete, the ability of keeping emotions appropriate to the job at hand will maintain the focus of performing skills and strategy without distraction, increasing their success over a sustained period – be it a match or tournament or career.

Allowing the athlete to display skill/talent as the forefront will enhance audience/spectator support/admiration and emote an energy that could make the difference in achieving ultimate goals/trophy. Similarly rewards in income (it is a business) from prize money and sponsorship potential (especially post career).

Secondly, the love of the game that they are showcasing – its history, its champions, its records, its life and the life it brings to other competitors, organizers, workers and volunteers, communities, and economies.

Additionally, broadly this role, chosen by them, comes with duties to themselves, their family, their teachers and their friends.

Be who you are … however think … how you do it … why you do it … where you do it … and when you do it !!  What you give … you shall receive !!

Duffer Rule 7

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