New names on ‘French Trophy’ … a sign

… a sign of things to come … as we enter the deciding days of the French Open and commence the grass court season, culminating at Wimbledon.

With the grass court season extended many more upper and middle tier players will be better prepared and more accustomed to the nuances that this surface brings … a comfort that will deliver, in my opinion, new names on this famous trophy.

We will watch closely the lead-in events … at the players taking the ball on the early rise , up at the baseline, playing running volleys and straightening out their serves and those with ‘old head’ coaches who understand grass court-craft.

Let us also witness the ‘youth’ on display and how, in their early development, they adapt to the emotion and excitement of the ‘world’s’ premier tournament and the likelihood of their name engraved one day.

Right now a new name will be added to French trophies however it may not be the ones predicted and that is what we love about our game.

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