Philosophy of a ‘new’ home

This is an extract from the USTA website announcing the proposed facility for the organisation to be relocated, however the underlined shows the holistic nature in the USA to propel tennis to a world standing once more.

American tennis will soon have a new home. The USTA is planning to build a state-of-the-art facility in Orlando, Fla., with the goal of enhancing the sport at every level and creating an unparalleled playing, training and educational experience for players, coaches and spectators.


LakeNona_RevisedAerial_v3_small_-_620_x_313With an eye toward growing the game and enhancing the sport at every level, the USTA is planning to build a new 100-plus-court facility (artist rendering shown) in Orlando, Fla.

  •  Once completed, the facility will stand among the finest in the world, serving as a centre for education and innovation to grow the game at all levels in the years to come.


  • A Team USA area that will include eight hard courts and eight clay courts. The courts will be utilized by the 17 USTA sections, along with coaches and their players throughout the country, to work collaboratively with USTA Player Development.


  •  USTA Player Development as we strive to work with coaches across the country to develop our juniors into world-class American players,” said Patrick McEnroe, USTA Player Development General Manager. “We’re very excited for the new facility and everything it means for Team USA.”


   Australia has a new National Tennis Centre in Melbourne … holistic is the best pathway !!


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