Develop the Holistic

Holistic is the over used term to describe the ‘whole of something’ and how it integrates and inter-relates, but do we pay enough attention to the development of it.

Tennis detail requires many components to be a successful professional athlete – when does this start and does it have a finish. It starts with the passion for tennis (love, determination, perseverance) and as we never stop learning or growing then there is no finish and the development is also never ending, as is the passion.

Paying attention to the matching of character to the development of skills (armory) for the player is set at the early stages of their desire to improve, thus attention increase and focus.

Introduction to the required physicality, health science links what the player does with their racquet to their body (movement, balance, agility, flexibility, strength) and how the body works (nutrition, diet, hydration ).

Thinking about what to achieve, the when, how, why of combat against another person like them, the psychology component and brain power (education).

Values and respect, plus appreciation of all who ‘buy in’ to this journey together with what they give to receive scenario is life’s balance and human-ness.

Develop the holistic – always see the big picture and by embracing it all, all the time, all to be delivered – then the path is clear, efficient and rewarding.

White city world record Davis Cup 1954 FB Cover


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