World’s best show us how

In time past, professional tennis players hit the ball that we could only imagine how to do … well in our modern era, players through the necessity of dealing with the speed of the game, have simplified their stroke play and although we, as social/competition exponents, may not match the 120 – 140 kph shots we can certainly emulate the swing pattern !

Players work on efficiency (time capacity) and a technique that won’t break down under pressure. Modern players with evolving technology in racquets and natural skeletal movement understanding need to not complicate the process, thus the follow the ball flight in their backswing, catching/stopping the ball at impact, follow the ball down the court in the swing and continue over the shoulder to complete the overspin/topspin … all in a natural body rotation and from an open or semi-open stance.

Movement is the second most important ingredient in tennis and again modern players have given us an insight to the efficiency and common sense of lateral steps and body weight … with racquet and body working together, all in a non stop dance with the ball approach.

Marvel at these gifted and extraordinary athletes …. but also mimic and create a greater understanding of tennis at the very elite level.

Hoad Rose Rosewall - footwork

Hoad Rose Rosewall – footwork


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