Tennis Enhancement by Design … anything we build has to start with thoughts and ideas that we then translate to a design.

As professional tennis coaches our job is to take this design, draft up plans then implement ‘the build’ to create a tennis player of excellence; able to adapt, sustain and overcome in any environment or against any obstacle.

Arranging the physical components – materials (all the tennis shots), ingredients (physical requirements) together with the planning and process to build this structure – is all based around the design.

So what goes into a design? Knowledge, experience, what has come before and what there is at present. Additionally, understanding progress, evolution, innovation and the important ingredient ‘uniqueness’. This uniqueness emerges, not from the coach, but specifically from the player’s character.

Design bounces to life from within. The tennis player’s life is influenced by genetics, environment, family, friends and cultural background. When we implement ‘the build’ and nurture these design influences, we can enhance tournament performance and rise to the next level and the next, and the next.

Best wishes for the Australian Summer 2017 from Vintage Tennis.

Build by design (Img src: www.skyscrapers.com)


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