Olympic lessons !

Tennis returns to ‘normality’ this week as players gear up and prepare for the US Open. This Grand Slam event is referred to as ‘The Open‘ for the reason that the progressive winners must not only be talented and have ‘form’ but must be in the peak of fitness.

A number of the top players have been involved in the Olympics and have expended physical and emotional energy, whilst others have been playing lessor tournaments trying to keep match fit and striving to get their game ready.

The Olympics demonstrated that the athletes that were the best prepared in every detail achieved or near achieved their desired result and those that went in hoping instead of believing and trusting in what they have toiled for came up short with devastating consequences.

Detail in preparation is exactly what professionalism means and takes years of determined effort, energy, emotional discipline to get to the point where they can say …” I am ready ” to deliver the dream that they hold tight and cherish.

The US Open will produce the quality player and a few surprises from those that exercise this professional attitude, the detail, the performances that set them on the pathway that they have set for themselves, as it did for the Olympic medalists.

Vintage Tennis will be embarking, during this month, on spreading the message / lessons so markedly learnt from the Olympics to young Australian tennis aspirants wishing to be educated in preparation and training for ATP, WTA and ITF Pro Tours through its engine tennis program … see website for a profile and brief.

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