National pride

Since world rankings have been a part of tennis I cannot recall Australia not having a men’s player in the top 100. Well, it is about to happen and the questions about the state of our ‘game’ will surely surface.

Nations throughout the world and in other sports work on a numbers game – ie. the more you have in the top 200, 300, 400 etc. the higher the chance of a player being in the top 100, top50, top10.

Australia has one of the finest Junior Development pathways in the world ! Unfortunately we seem to lack a substantial ‘post junior’ program – that will engage ‘numbers’ to achieve our desires, goals and reflect our rich history and culture in world tennis.

It is acknowledged that we, as tennis players, are at times late developers. This being the case, then there is merit in a ‘tertiary tennis’ program to develop and mentor our juniors about the rigours of ‘Open’ tennis – professionalism … getting the job done.

Vintage Tennis is about to launch an International program that addresses just this !

Set to commence in Melbourne, Australia on the 15th, 16th, 17th June with a free session (10.00am start) at Dendy Park Tennis Club, Brighton. Enquiries and contact to Doug Hill 0412 540 687.

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