2017 – a year of insight

Vintage Tennis  –  Sports thoughts !

Welcome to a new year of ‘sports thoughts’ – during our get-togethers we will cover a number of topics with a view to honing our game and endeavours to the maximum of our skills and thus the levels we wish to attain.

preparation to perform … the ability to execute with diligence the holistic nature of our day to day training, the influences that we make to producing our best effort and where it comes from, to allow our instincts through hard work and talent, to come out on the tournament stage.

Following on – ‘linking’ topic –  goal setting – advancing development the necessary steps to attaining our objective, of being the best we can be as quickly as possible, with a direct path without distractions and hiccups along the way to success, understanding short , long and immediate goals and what they are.

Furthering our attention to feelings v emotions the identification of which is which, the positive and negative side and how we can deal with them to enhance our sporting performance – we cannot control them but we can distract them by using the above topics and adding …

talk the talk – the identification of what is said to ourselves, how it is interpreted and is it positive or negative, the ability to change it and keep us on our path to high performance and success.

Confidence – where is it? … what it isn’t is a magic pill or an element, it is actually undefined, so where is it – it is all that we are and is all around us, the influences of what we respect and what we do to achieve our goals and objectives. We can believe in ourselves, but the overriding factor is trust, in – ability, advice, coaching, method, support, our training incl. diet, body, role models, stories, dreams, all of the above topics.

Confidence is with us all the time, if it wasn’t then we would never try and never think – maybe I can

Do a list of every ‘c’ word you can think of and record it and you will discover where is it!A few examples – courage, create, challenge ……..

 Looking forward to continuing the journey to achieving what we want and how we want to be better in life.

Doug Hill, Director, Vintage Tennis

Doug Hill,




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