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Pro Tennis … earning a living

TweetInternational tennis may be at a standstill during this global covid time … but lets consider Pro Tennis in our domestic/regional zones … so players can earn a living !! In Australia and other countries professional sports are gearing up … Continue reading

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Routine takes discipline

TweetAs sports people we are use to routines and schedules and we find it quite easy to go about our preparation to perform, develop, improve and it becomes second nature … however, during this time of restrictions nothing is second … Continue reading

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TweetFinally back to writing … so much to say … so much going on in our world environment. During these events of history and the emotional roller coaster we experience, Vintage Tennis, staying in touch with our players, has via … Continue reading

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Take your chances

TweetSince the Australian Open and now leading into the French Open many changes have happened in the structure of World Tennis. The changes are necessary (multiple global reasons) and in time the feedback and research/results will develop these to truly … Continue reading

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Challenge yourself

TweetAs tennis professional coaches working with high performance junior players we are always asking them to challenge themselves … well what about us ! This is where we must also challenge the knowledge we are imparting … is it up … Continue reading

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% adds up

TweetModern sport deals with so many different areas and components to find the edge when it becomes time to perform at your best … and more often than not it is the little things that you do, that individually may … Continue reading

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2017 – a year of insight

TweetVintage Tennis  –  Sports thoughts ! Welcome to a new year of ‘sports thoughts’ – during our get-togethers we will cover a number of topics with a view to honing our game and endeavours to the maximum of our skills and … Continue reading

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old head … young shoulders or young head … old shoulders

TweetThere is a phrase … “you can’t put an old head on young shoulders” … well, at the recently completed US Open Tennis Championships this phrase not only is challenged but also the reverse ! Let us look at the meaning of … Continue reading

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Destination … Pro Tour

TweetAs the euphoria of the Australian Open and it’s vintage climax fades and Melbourne comes alive with  AFL and the upcoming Grand Prix, aspiring Aussie tennis professionals (18 – 22 years) consider their pathway and plans to achieving a pro tour destination and career. … Continue reading

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