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old head … young shoulders or young head … old shoulders

TweetThere is a phrase … “you can’t put an old head on young shoulders” … well, at the recently completed US Open Tennis Championships this phrase not only is challenged but also the reverse ! Let us look at the meaning of … Continue reading

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‘Clay’ season

TweetEuropean clay season is well underway with all the attention on some vintage Rafa and his extraordinary ability to take on all-comers and come out on top … a special time for our industry and inspiration to younger players coming through or … Continue reading

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Destination … Pro Tour

TweetAs the euphoria of the Australian Open and it’s vintage climax fades and Melbourne comes alive with  AFL and the upcoming Grand Prix, aspiring Aussie tennis professionals (18 – 22 years) consider their pathway and plans to achieving a pro tour destination and career. … Continue reading

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TweetTennis Enhancement by Design … anything we build has to start with thoughts and ideas that we then translate to a design. As professional tennis coaches our job is to take this design, draft up plans then implement ‘the build’ to create … Continue reading

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Rrrrrr … tennis !

TweetRight time | right decision | right changes | right returns … tennis in Australia has the capacity to add a few r’s to their overall development in light of it’s non – representation in any of the ‘world junior teams’ events this … Continue reading

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Tennis rising ‘out of India’

TweetNew Delhi has the attention of the tennis world this September weekend with one of the legends in sport … Rafa Nadal playing for Spain against India in Davis Cup. The playoff will see which nation returns to the ‘World Group’ for … Continue reading

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Process & Structure

TweetProcess … Structure … the catch cry of modern coaches around the globe in all sports and the disciplines of a successful pathway. However, what if it doesn’t gain the required success … is it broken ! Does it need fixing ! … Continue reading

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Copy – or – Create

TweetAustralian Open concluded and much debate, analysis and view points taken away by tennis enthusiasts and experts. Around the world tennis coaches look at the successes and try to translate this to their students … thus the question … copy or create! … Continue reading

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Get set ….. Dream !

TweetBrace yourself ….. there’s a dream coming in and with the Australian Tennis Open about to hit and the Olympics brewing that dream comes often and loud ! On too many occasions outside influences tell us that we are not good enough … Continue reading

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ready, play …..

Tweetready, play ….. the call of the umpire and we are underway, or are we ready to play? With the summer Pro Tour in Australia commenced; the Junior Davis and Fed Cup’s about to start in Madrid; ITF’s in Australia and New Zealand … Continue reading

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