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Challenge yourself

TweetAs tennis professional coaches working with high performance junior players we are always asking them to challenge themselves … well what about us ! This is where we must also challenge the knowledge we are imparting … is it up … Continue reading

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% adds up

TweetModern sport deals with so many different areas and components to find the edge when it becomes time to perform at your best … and more often than not it is the little things that you do, that individually may … Continue reading

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Why we do what we do …

TweetCoaching in all forms has multiple benefits to us as people – fitness, health, tangible outcomes, enjoyment, remuneration, success, winning, not winning (strength), values, building character, self satisfaction. Like most things in life, if you hear nothing then you assume you’re … Continue reading

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2017 – a year of insight

TweetVintage Tennis  –  Sports thoughts ! Welcome to a new year of ‘sports thoughts’ – during our get-togethers we will cover a number of topics with a view to honing our game and endeavours to the maximum of our skills and … Continue reading

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old head … young shoulders or young head … old shoulders

TweetThere is a phrase … “you can’t put an old head on young shoulders” … well, at the recently completed US Open Tennis Championships this phrase not only is challenged but also the reverse ! Let us look at the meaning of … Continue reading

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‘Clay’ season

TweetEuropean clay season is well underway with all the attention on some vintage Rafa and his extraordinary ability to take on all-comers and come out on top … a special time for our industry and inspiration to younger players coming through or … Continue reading

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Destination … Pro Tour

TweetAs the euphoria of the Australian Open and it’s vintage climax fades and Melbourne comes alive with  AFL and the upcoming Grand Prix, aspiring Aussie tennis professionals (18 – 22 years) consider their pathway and plans to achieving a pro tour destination and career. … Continue reading

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TweetTennis Enhancement by Design … anything we build has to start with thoughts and ideas that we then translate to a design. As professional tennis coaches our job is to take this design, draft up plans then implement ‘the build’ to create … Continue reading

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Rrrrrr … tennis !

TweetRight time | right decision | right changes | right returns … tennis in Australia has the capacity to add a few r’s to their overall development in light of it’s non – representation in any of the ‘world junior teams’ events this … Continue reading

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Tennis rising ‘out of India’

TweetNew Delhi has the attention of the tennis world this September weekend with one of the legends in sport … Rafa Nadal playing for Spain against India in Davis Cup. The playoff will see which nation returns to the ‘World Group’ for … Continue reading

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